About Lady Brandy Smith

Lady Brandy Smith is a woman of grace and great strength who fears God and loves His people. She is the wife of Pastor Tim Smith of Greater Works Family Life Ministries in Dover, DE.  She is a God-fearing woman who is totally committed to God. She believes that we must live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. She has a genuine concern for God’s people and demonstrates it through her walk.
She has devoted herself to the ministry by sharing her personal testimony and teaching others to have faith and to stand on God’s word. Lady Brandy is well regarded for her many gifts and talents including money management skills in budgeting and saving. Her goal is to edify the body of Christ by winning souls and encouraging them to commit themselves to the GOSPEL. She is one that
gives her best wherever she can be a blessing to God’s people and for His Kingdom. She is devoted to God, her husband, her children and to the mandate of winning souls.